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The Learner and the “J” Curve

The Learner and the “J” Curve Leaders are not needed to maintain the status quo; managers are capable of providing that service. Leaders are needed to take an organization to a new, desired place. A leader must be a Learner, that is, a person who is willing to challenge the assumptions, opinions, and facts that […]


The pace of contemporary life has each of us continually starting more things than we can finish. Beneficial projects go uncompleted; good intentions are unfulfilled; action lists grow longer and longer. The result is a personal sense of frustration and weakened organizational performance. The logical response to this state of affairs is to simply start […]

Living vs. Legacy Organizations

One of the characteristics which make us uniquely human is the ability to form organizations. An organization is a rather remarkable creation; a collection of resources brought together to fulfill a purpose. Although the purpose of an organization can be written, a plan developed, processes and procedures drafted, an organization only comes to life when […]

Riding The J Curve.

Why do it?

It is nice to say we want to grow the legacy of Bowling rather than spend it, but why? We are all very busy in our lives today. The last thing we are looking for is something more to read or another item on our seemingly endless “Action List”. Why go through all of the […]

Start with the Vision

1985, Windows 1.0 was released, President Ronald Reagan began his second term in office, the first compact discs were distributed in the US, Madonna began her first concert tour, Apple released its first computer with voice capability, and the internet was created, although not by Al Gore. Most of my bowling readers are now expecting […]

Think You Can

JaNelda and I had the opportunity to visit the Marco Beach Ocean Resort this past week to secure the resort as the host property for the December 2010 MUBIG meeting. We spent a considerable amount of time with Robert Fesik, the Director of Sales for the resort. In an early conversation, Robert mentioned a sentence […]

Getting Started – Reprised

The Joe Schumacker Blog first appeared in October 2009. After two months of posts, events conspired to cause what was anticipated to be a short break in posting.  Now, three months later, I am back. I have elected to restart with a reprise of my initial message. You will also find in the Archive section the pieces […]